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Overcome your fears and step into the spotlight with these courses that will help you build your brand, increase your organisational footprint and establish yourself as a master communicator within your industry.

Media (On-camera) Training

Our On-Camera/Media Training will get you camera-ready with all the skills to confidently manage online and in-person interviews, whether you’re sharing your expertise, showcasing your work or fending off a hostile interviewer.

1-2 days (also available as a sprint session of 2 hours for busy executives)

Social Media Bootcamp

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to connect to your clients and expand your personal and professional influence. Our Social Media Bootcamp draws on the latest digital developments and online trends globally, ensuring you gain, not only the skills to participate in the conversation, but the practical tools to thrive as a master storyteller across various online platforms. 

6 weeks online eLearning / 1-2 days training facilitated online or in person

Column Writing

Column writing is one way to present and develop support for your views, shift public dialogue and cement your brand as a changemaker and thought leader. This online workshop will hone the writing skills you already possess and allow you to polish your technical and corporate written works for mass media consumption.

4 weeks online eLearning / 1-2 days training facilitated online or in person

Introduction to Podcasting

There has never been a better time to make your voice heard – and it’s never been easier to do so! Experienced podcaster Desmond Latham wants to share his skills and successes, helping you to generate, record and upload your podcasts, while distributing and marketing your products to national and international audiences. 

4 weeks online eLearning / 2 days training facilitated online or in person



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