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Reclaiming the African narrative through an African lens

Reclaiming the African narrative through an African lens

The stories we are told and the stories we tell each other about Africa have the power to shape what we think and influence how we act. This, according to Moky Makura of Africa No Filter. She says shifting the narrative about Africa is important, because what the world believes about the continent is also what the continent believes about itself.

Amplifying voices for change and healing

Amplifying voices for change and healing

Writing the first draft of history is a big responsibility. This, according to award-winning journalist and fraycollege facilitator, Jamaine Krige. Speaking to Media Management graduates, she said that by amplifying voices that would otherwise not be heard and including them in history’s first draft, journalists can bring about real change.

Future newsrooms: know your audience…

Future newsrooms: know your audience…

With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, every aspect of life as we knew it changed. This included disruptions to the news and media landscape. But if so, much could change in just one year, what can the industry and industry leaders do to prepare themselves and their teams for the newsrooms of the future?

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Communications courses

Learn practical communication tools, strategies and tips that will help you and your team communicate more effectively, improve productivity, and build strong relationships.

Course formats: eLearning / Facilitated (online or in person)


Develop yourself as a master communicator with these courses to help you and your team achieve industry excellence and drive your vision and mission home.

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External communications

Overcome your fears and step into the spotlight with these courses that will help you build your brand, increase your organisational footprint and establish yourself as a master communicator within your industry.

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Master the written word and ensure that your message hits home with these general and goal-specific courses that will take you and your writing to the next level.

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Law and ethics

Ensure your internal and external organisational communications adhere to national and global standards of ethical and legal best practice.

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Media courses

Master key media concepts and gain in-depth knowledge that will help you keep pace with the latest trends and new technologies that dominate today’s media landscape.

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Journalism fundamentals

Join this learning pathway to kickstart your journalism career and cement the basic knowledge and practical skills needed to excel in the industry and climb the ladder of success.

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Step into your potential and set yourself apart as an industry leader to drive transformation, innovation and newsroom excellence in your organisation and in the industry.

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Master the written word with these practical, goal-specific writing courses that will you and your writing apart from the crowd.

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Learn new skills or hone existing ones with these specialist reporting courses that will take you and your journalism career to new heights.

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Law and ethics

Ensure your reporting is grounded in legal and ethical best practice with these courses as you strive towards journalism excellence.

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Audio and visual

Join the ranks of broadcast legends as you master the art of professional, impactful audio-visual storytelling across platforms and mediums.

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fraycollege alumni form an international and energetic network of progressive thinkers who are effecting a positive change across the globe.
Meet our thriving alumni and read about their distinctive talents and the impact they are making in their communities.

"I thank the team at fraycollege, WAN-IFRA and the Norwegian government for investing this beautiful resource in me. It has been a humbling and eye-opening experience and will definitely shape the way I carry myself as a manager, going forward"

- Carolyne Nakazibwe, Uganda

"I found this course vital for me and my supervisors in engaging in management change and how to build a good team with good resources"

- Ouk Chen, Sophea

"The course was highly informative, and I am really finding it very useful"

- VickieSlabbert, Echosqure

Clients & partners

University of the Witwatersrand
University of the Witwatersrand

"fraycollege has been an excellent sounding board for Media24 in terms of strategy, the approach we should be taking in terms of learning and development. They have become a true business partner as they understand our organisation and its needs so well"

– Adam Cooke, Head: Media24 Academy, Media 24

"fraycollege is a professional and efficient organisation and we recommend their services, we have been more than happy with the service we’ve received"

– Kate Skinner, Executive Director SANEF

"We really feel that we have formed a wonderful relationship with fraycollege and are incredibly happy with the deliverables for the communications strategy course"

– Mampho Ntsekhe. SADC-GMI

"fraycollege, has provided Soul City with training for story writing, column and formal report writing as well as web and online skills. They have provided these high-quality services timeously and at an effective cost"

– Phinah Kodisang, Chief Executive Officer, Soul City



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