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Strategic Communications

Impact communication to help further your vision 

We all communicate, but do you communicate strategically? At fraycollege we can help you master the art of impactful and tactical engagement to help you, your company and your brand further your objectives and reach your goals. Whether you are communicating within your organisation or with outside stakeholders, we will help you focus your key messaging and drive your corporate message home, regardless of the audience or platform.

2 days training facilitated online or in person

Course overview

Communication is a business necessity, but are your internal and external messages aligned to your vision, your mission, your values and your brand? Effective communication can be a driving force for success, but poor communication can undermine your best marketing efforts and destroy productivity. We want to help you communicate aptly and artfully. Within your organisation, we would like to help you communicate strategically, ensuring that each work and gesture drives your message home and brings you one step closer to your goals. 

This course draws from public relations, advertising and marketing and communicates and provides a basis in  tactics to communicate with all stakeholders, to build and protect corporate reputations and promote organisational values. 

fraycollege’s course will help you and your organisation identify different target audiences and advance company leadership, build and protect your corporate reputation and establish sound communication practices for  communicating with your employees, team, the public, investors and other stakeholders. 

This training will help you take the theoretical knowledge to a practical level, building and implementing a bespoke strategy for your company’s unique needs. The techniques gained will assist you in building a wide range of valuable skills, and use them to explore new opportunities within your intended audience, in both an online and in-person context. 

We’ll help you develop easy-to-use templates for daily, weekly and monthly strategic engagements in line with national and international law and best practice to help your organisation meet its short-, medium and long-term goals.

This course is customisable according to organisational needs and can include strategies for improving productivity in remote working teams.

Outcomes and goals

  • Understanding the role of internal and external communication
  • Identifying your company’s communication needs
  • Crafting a communications strategy
  • Communicating to connect with internal and external stakeholders
  • Promoting organisational and team effectiveness through communication practices
  • Important interpersonal communication skills for a professional setting 
  • Motivating others through communication practices
  • Communication tactics for forming and deepening relationships
  • Communicating to mitigate and manage crises 
  • Developing team and organisational culture
  • Essential crisis and risk communication methods

Training facilitated online or in person

Real time individual and group learning with our media and communications professionals.



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