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Effective writing for business success 

Good writing skills are the basis of business success, but just because it’s formal doesn’t mean it has to be dull! Emails, business reports, memos and online communications say a lot about you and your business, and the written word is often a client or investor’s first point of contact with your organisation. Within a company, effective written communication can save time and money, assisting with client retention and averting potential business risks. Our Business Writing training will help you communicate clearly and effectively, ensuring that your staff’s writing is relevant and engaging.

1-3 days training facilitated online or in person

Course overview

Whether writing an email or a corporate report, poor writing can lead to embarrassment, lost opportunities and even legal challenges. In an increasingly digital world, good writing is vital at all levels of your organisation – from the receptionist to the CEO. No company should lose business because of bad or ineffective writing.

Our training will help you and your team communicate in an effective manner, without making readers wade through corporate jargon, dull expressions and overused cliches. In a post-Covid19 world that is making use of remote, text-heavy communication, this ability to convey a written message is more important than ever before.

Good business writing is professional but accessible and reader-friendly, and enhances employee and workplace communication. Good writing can save time, help you avoid misunderstandings and improve the effectiveness of your team and your organisation.

Your staff will be set for individual and collective success after this course. Trainees are supported by expert writing coaches who ensure they gain both theoretical know-how and practical experience to put their new-found skills to work.

Whether you are a junior employee hoping to advance your career, a mid- or senior-level manager who wants to improve your written communication, or an executive who wants to ensure that your internal and external communication is clear and engaging, we offer a range of tailor-made business writing training solutions to meet your needs in an increasingly text-heavy workplace.

Outcomes and goals

  • Structuring communications
  • Using emoticons appropriately
  • Adopting a suitable tone for the writing’s purpose
  • Writing in an engaging way
  • Confirming verbal communications in writing
  • Using appropriate styles for writing
  • Writing for clarity
  • Using grammar correctly
  • Harnessing a computer’s spellcheck and other functionality for clear and professional communication
  • Deciding when (and what) to write and when/what to speak
  • Professional use of direct messaging and groups

Training facilitated online or in person

Real time individual and group learning with our media and communications professionals.



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