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Introduction to Podcasting

Boost your professional reputation and join industry conversations with “addictive” podcaster, Des Latham

Join the growing number of people and companies that have put their professional expertise on the map. Podcasting is fast becoming the preferred medium for content consumption globally. There has never been a better time to make your voice heard – and it’s never been easier to do so! Experienced podcaster Desmond Latham wants to share his skills and successes, helping you to generate, record and upload your podcasts, while distributing and marketing your products to national and international audiences.

 4 weeks online eLearning / 2 days training facilitated online or in person

Course overview

​Podcasting is the latest buzzword when it comes to evolving content consumption and new media trends, but mastering the art of online audio storytelling (and making it profitable) takes more than just an opinion and a fancy microphone.   

You may be motivated to start a podcast for a number of reasons – to expand your footprint and audience as an audio content producer, to stir interest in passion project, the increase organisational visibility and help further your brand, to cultivate a community of like-minded listeners or to put forward your ideological ideas to a larger audience. Whatever your reason for starting a podcast, this course is for you! 

Good podcasting takes storytelling and technical skills, as well as commitment and scheduling to ensure regular audio uploads of the highest quality. 

Desmond Latham knows what it takes to run a successful, sustainable podcast and he wants to share his process with you. During the course of this training, he will show you how to conceptualise a winning idea, get started with production and post-production and sustain the process over time. At fraycollege we know that for your stories to have impact, they need to be heard. That is why this course will also show you how to generate global interest in your content, while monetising the work you produce.

By the end of this training you will have a sound understanding of the technical skills needed to ensure good quality audio and audio storytelling techniques, as well as post-production tips and tricks for a flawless listening experience. You will also learn how to strategically focus your podcast distribution and marketing in this age of social media, crowdsourcing and online payment options.

Advanced technical podcast training is also available. 

Outcomes and goals

  • Choosing a good podcasting format for your content
  • Spending wisely on equipment
  • Scripting your podcasts and preparing for interviews
  • Tips for professional recording
  • Editing your podcast
  • Distributing your podcast
  • Marketing for success
  • Monetising your podcast

Training facilitated online or in person

Real time individual and group learning with our media and communications professionals.


Learn online at your own pace on our eLearning platform.



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