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Writing for Journalists

Learn to write for mainstream media with award-winning journalist, Paula Fray 

Are you an experienced writer looking to refresh your basic journalism techniques? Are you a young journalist looking to hone your skills and further your career? Or have you always wanted to put pen to paper but been intimidated by the thought of writing professionally? Regardless of your experience level, our fraycollege Journalistic Writing course is for you! 

5 weeks online eLearning / 2 days training facilitated online or in persons

Course overview

Not every writer is a journalist, but you can be. Whether you’ve never written an article or just starting out in the industry, your stories can make a difference. At fraycollege, we can help you bridge the gap between creative writing and accurate, factual reportage about real people and current events. Our training will help you on your journey towards writing a first draft, putting forward compelling narratives and showcasing people’s lived realities.

Good journalism is grounded in facts. It informs, educates and entertains consumers while guiding and empowering them to make the best possible decisions for themselves, their families, their communities and society at large. Journalism is about factual writing, and accessible information for all.

This course will help you cast a critical eye over the current media discourse and look at your own writing through a new lens, examining what works and what does not. You will learn how to write for impact, shine the spotlight on injustice and highlight the successes that are evident every day in the world around you.

Factual writing doesn’t have to be boring though –we’ll help you weave a compelling, creative and colourful story, filled with rich narratives and attention-grabbing real-world characters that will leave readers hanging on your every word.

Our Journalistic Writing eLearning course consists of training videos, games, exercises, resources, assignments, interactive discussions and a final quiz that will test your knowledge as well as coaching in the writing of a story.

If you’re looking for good, practical, writing training grounded in the principles of journalism and reportage, then this is the course for you.

Outcomes and goals

  • The writing process
  • Preparing to write a story
  • Understanding and choosing relevant story structures
  • Writing an introduction to lure your readers in
  • Basic grammar and syntax
  • Understanding and implementing elements of good stories
  • Ensuring logical flow while retaining readers’ attention
  • Making your story relevant to the reader
  • Learning to constantly improve your writing
  • Self-editing

Training facilitated online or in person

Real time individual and group learning with our media and communications professionals.


Learn online at your own pace on our eLearning platform.



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Paula Fray
Paula Fray
Paula Fray


Paula Fray

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