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Introduction to Media Law

Master the basics of media law with veteran journalist Desmond Latham

Online content is subject to both national and international laws and conventions that producers need to understand and abide by. As a company, noncompliance can be costly in terms of time, money and reputation loss. As a media practitioner, it is essential that you have knowledge of the laws that dictate your conduct and a sound understanding of how to practically implement this knowledge in your everyday news-gathering, content creation and distribution. Join us for this Introduction to Media Law and let seasoned journalist, Desmond Latham, help you navigate the legal landscape as it pertains to South Africa’s media. 

8 weeks online eLearning / 2 day training facilitated online or in person

Course overview

The laws that regulate broadcasting and publishing aren’t just there to protect the public or your sources, some who may be particularly vulnerable. They’re also there to protect you and your colleagues – whether you’re a journalist, content producer, editor or media manager. These regulations have been specifically developed to also protect press freedom and the role of the media as a core pillar of democracy. 

When journalists step outside the confines of the law, the reputation, integrity and credibility of the entire industry suffers. One misstep can add fuel to the fire of media critics and propaganda machines and negatively affect public trust in news reporting and media coverage, both nationally and globally. 

Our fraycollege training will introduce you to the various laws that regulate the media industry in and around South Africa. Veteran journalist, Des Latham, will shed light on the legal limitations, but also the subsequent opportunities, when reporting on a wide variety of stories and beats.

Join us to navigate defamation and privacy laws, hate speech and national security regulations, contempt of court and sub judice. The training will also provide you with practical guidelines for accessing legal information, protecting your sources and engaging media law institutions in and around the country.

 The course consists of eight modules, one test and one assignment. 

Outcomes and goals

  • Copyright law and plagiarism
  • The principles of freedom of expression and the media
  • Hate speech and incitement to violence
  • The National Keypoints Act, national security and the public interest
  • Using the Promotion of Access to Information Act in reporting and filing an access to information request
  • Avoiding defamation
  • When to escalate legal queries
  • Protecting Sources

Training facilitated online or in person

Real time individual and group learning with our media and communications professionals.


Learn online at your own pace on our eLearning platform.



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