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Intro to Media Management

Breaking the glass ceiling and achieving media management excellence 

More and more studies are finding that women-owned and run organisations have an edge when it comes to innovation, and that women’s organisational participation leads to better business decisions. This innovative driving force is needed now more than ever before, and the media industry is no exception. Yet, despite global strides towards organisational transformation, most newsrooms are still dominated by men, with women still under-represented in the ranks of editors, managers, board members and decision-makers. Join us and learn from the real-world experience of women who have shattered the glass ceiling to lead the industry, well able to rise to the challenges of the current media environment.

6 weeks online eLearning

Course overview

Do you think you have what it takes to step onto the next rung of your career ladder? Being an excellent media practitioner isn’t enough if you want to rise through the ranks and implement real policy change and transformation in your newsroom or organisation. 

As a manager, you must be able to supervise and motivate employees, managing your human resources while still operating with sound business sense to reduce costs and increase the profits of your organisation. As a manager, you don’t just bridge the gap between operations and business; you apply general principles of management to the unique context of a media-specific business. 

This means honing your skills in a way that serves your end goal, focusing on planning, organisation, and control – all within the framework of journalistic best practice and ethical media operations, from content gathering, creation, production and distribution.  

The media industry is constantly changing, and as a manager you need to adapt and evolve, growing as the sector and its audience does. You will need strong business, managerial and strategic skills to lead your team to success, and at fraycollege we want to help you become the best manager that you can be. 

This course, developed with the World Association of Newspaper’s (WAN-IFRA) Women in News programme, draws on the experience of women newsroom leaders from across the continent and the world to hone your skills and implement solutions to advance yourself, your team and your workplace. Our case studies and hands-on training and mentorship will put you on track to transforming the newsroom and the media industry. 

Media practitioners from across Africa and into Asia have benefited from this training as they step up to become the best leaders they can be. The course material is also available in Arabic, Khmer and Vietnamese.

Outcomes and goals

  • Managing vs. leading
  • Managing change to retain staff and motivation
  • Understanding and capitalising on your role in the organisation
  • Interpreting financial reports
  • Seeing the various departments as a whole
  • Understanding and capitalising on your strengths and addressing shortcomings
  • Strategic and practical human resource management

Training facilitated online or in person

Real time individual and group learning with our media and communications professionals.


Learn online at your own pace on our eLearning platform.



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