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Learn new skills or hone existing ones with these specialist reporting courses that will take you and your journalism career to new heights.

Court Reporting (Southern Africa)

Mistakes made when reporting from court will cost you and your company, potentially leading to lawsuits, press code complaints, fines and even imprisonment. But you don’t have to learn these lessons the hard way. Tap into the experience of veteran court reporter, Carmel Rickard, to equip yourself with everything you need to know to tackle reporting on court proceedings.

5 weeks online eLearning / 1-2 days training facilitated online or in person

Specialist Reporting

Beat journalism is one way to distinguish yourself professionally, both as part of a newsroom and as a freelancer. Each beat offers journalists the opportunity to make sure that they report effectively and comprehensively on the subject at hand – setting them apart from those who may only occasionally cover stories of that nature. fraycollege’s Specialist Reporting training will lay the groundwork and equip you with the tools you need to master your beat with journalistic integrity and professionalism.

2 days training facilitated online or in person



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