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Column Writing

Create good arguments to shift public dialogue 

Writing for the media remains a highly effective way to communicate the opinions and perspectives of your organisation. Column writing is one way to present and develop support for your views, shift public dialogue and cement your brand as a changemaker and thought leader – but there is a difference between technical reports and great articles. This online workshop will hone the writing skills you already possess and allow you to polish your technical and corporate written works for mass media consumption. Let’s turn your content into publishable articles!

4 weeks online eLearning / 1-2 days training facilitated online or in person

Course overview

As a researcher, expert or developmental practitioner, we know you’re doing great work, and we want to help you reach more people. Writing for public consumption is one way to make sure your work is noticed and your message is heard.

Column writing is a powerful way to transmit ideas, contribute to and shape the public dialogue about everything from the economy, society, politics, arts and more. There is an increasing demand for quality news, and the column section is often the most-read section of any news website.

Our fraycollege training helps experts and executives, like yourself, hone your skills and take your key messages to the public in a clear, effective and conversational manner. Good column writing allows you to put forward unique arguments and help drive national, regional and global discourses.

Our facilitators have written, edited and published hundreds of articles. Over the past 15 years they have worked with countless executives and experts to polish technical and corporate copy, transforming it into prose suitable for publication in mainstream national publications.

We want to help you to get your message out there, and this course, available online or in-person, will help you to turn even the most technical writing into a publishable article. Our experienced coaches work closely with you as you write your first article, offering solid writing tips and constructive advice. We know, however, that an unpublished article carries no weight, which is why getting your column published and seeing your name and narrative in print is such an important component of this course.

This course can be taken by groups of people in an organisation or association to build a campaign on an issue. Take this course alone or pair it with our online social media training or eight months of online writing coaching.

Outcomes and goals

  • Recognising distinctions between technical and media writing
  • Differentiating between technical/corporate writing and writing for the media
  • Understanding and navigating modes of communication
  • Clarifying your thinking on an issue
  • Techniques for planning a column
  • Tricks and tips for building your argument
  • Structuring your article
  • Understanding and applying evidence in support of your article
  • Applying basic grammar and syntax
  • Writing in an accessible and reader-friendly manner
  • Self-editing
  • Getting published
  • Building relationships and a reputation around your writing

Training facilitated online or in person

Real time individual and group learning with our media and communications professionals.


Learn online at your own pace on our eLearning platform.



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