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Media (On-camera) Training

Make the news in the best way! 

A media interview can be daunting for even the most seasoned spokesperson or corporate executive, and if handled incorrectly can have devastating consequences for a company or brand. Media interactions carry high risks, but can also offer high rewards. Our On-Camera/Media Training will get you camera-ready with all the skills to confidently manage online and in-person interviews, whether you’re sharing your expertise, showcasing your work or fending off a hostile interviewer.

 1-2 days, also available as a sprint session of 2 hours for busy executives

Course overview

Many companies and professionals know first-hand how damaging a bad interview can be. On the flip side, however, effective media engagement can boost brands, increase consumer engagement and cement faith and loyalty from all your corporate stakeholders. Good communicators are often called upon for repeat interviews, increasing your professional and corporate influence. 

Your engagements with the media carry more weight today than ever before. In an increasingly digital world, a bad (or good) interview is never more than a click away, and your media appearances are archived for future searches. 

As an expert or executive, we know you have extensive knowledge in your field, but we also know that it’s not always easy to put that information across in a way that is coherent, concise and accessible – especially when put on the spot by a probing journalist during a live interview.  

fraycollege’s on-camera training will give you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to manage media interactions and control the interview process, ensuring your message is clear and on-brand. As part of the course, you will put training to the test during an on-camera, simulated interview with a professional journalist. 

Our trainers are seasoned media practitioners with decades of experience. They combine extensive knowledge of the ever-changing global media landscape with real journalistic experience in practical sessions, ensuring you’re ready to confidently step into the spotlight, and take your brand along with you. 

We tailor our training to your specific needs, catering to groups and individuals regardless of previous experience

Outcomes and goals

  • Understanding the media landscape
  • Developing key messages
  • Best practices for interviews on every platform
  • On-camera etiquette 
  • Appearing confident
  • Getting your message across and good verbal articulation   
  • Emphasising your key messages 
  • Preparing for a hostile interview
  • Keeping cool under pressure

Training facilitated online or in person

Real time individual and group learning with our media and communications professionals.



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