It’s International Women’s Day!

This year’s UN theme, “Invest in women: Accelerate progress”, highlights the essential and inseparable roles of decent work and gender equality.

Gender equality and women’s well-being are crucial to creating a thriving world. Yet, according to the UN, the challenge we face is a $360 billion annual deficit in spending on gender equality measures by 2030.

To tackle the challenge above, the UN has identified the following key areas of action:

  • Investing in women, a human rights issue
  • Ending poverty
  • Implementing gender-responsive financing
  • Shifting to a green economy and a care society
  • Supporting feminist change-makers

At fraycollege, we have always been committed to investing in women and making the media and journalism world a space in which women are well-represented and prosper.

We do this through:

  • Being a female-led company that prioritizes inclusive and diverse hiring: our Founder and CEO are both women, and we strive to create a workplace where leaders are born, and women can excel.
  • Creating opportunities for women to benefit from our courses, specifically leadership ones: Through fraymedia foundation, we have offered bursaries and fellowships to women for the prestigious Introduction to Media Management course. We have also delivered advanced leadership skills through training, coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities for shared learning.
  • Putting a spotlight on gender sensitivity in the media: this is not a footnote in a larger presentation but rather, we have developed entire workshops and courses on gender sensitivity in South African media to fight bias in the industry. But we don’t just stop there- fraycollege and fraymedia foundation are poweful advocates for media policies which are gender sensitive.
  • Mentoring young women in the media industry: we inspire women and our mentees to be confident in owning their voice and have hosted mentorship programmes to help women claim our corporate spaces.

Through the above, fraycollege celebrates and empowers phenomenal women every day of the year. We believe that women bring unique perspectives and capabilities to every working environment. We advocate for women as we know that our skills and voices are vital to the success of our communities in South Africa, Africa, and beyond.