Participants in fraycollege’s recent edition of the online Media Management course have hailed it as “career-changing” and are recommending it to aspiring and current African media leaders.

fraycollege, through the Wits Centre for Journalism, recently concluded another successful edition of the Media Management course. This intensive two-week program equips African journalists with essential leadership skills needed to excel in editorial and managerial roles within the media industry. With industry leaders as facilitators, participants gain invaluable insights to navigate the complexities of modern media management.

Participants say the course addresses critical gaps in media management across Africa. “This course is one of my favourites within the media sector. I firmly believe that the media industry in Ethiopia lacks well-informed, skilled, and equipped management teams. The sector needs the support of informed technical experts,” says journalist Meserat Kebede.

Key takeaways from the course include the importance of establishing a clear vision, effectively managing people and resources, and ensuring sustainable finances. Participants express enthusiasm for applying these skills in their careers, citing immediate benefits. “Some of these ideas were eye-opening for me, and I have already started applying them in my career and sharing their benefits with my colleagues,” Kebede adds.

Another benefit of the course is how it fosters a supportive network. “Izandla siyagezana. We all learn from one another in this course. It’s therapy as well because, you go there to unpack and legitimize your concerns, and you get constructive tools to help you navigate the media space,” says lead newspaper layout designer, Neo Kay.

Beyond individual career development, the course aims to advance the industry. Participants express eagerness to mentor future media leaders, leveraging their knowledge to nurture talent within organisations and professional associations. “The Media Management course will enhance my skills as a media facilitator by providing a deep understanding of industry dynamics, strategic planning, and human resource management,” says Namibian media trainer, Ndapanda Nekongo.

In conclusion, fraycollege’s Media Management course stands as a cornerstone for empowering African media leaders. By equipping participants with essential leadership skills, fostering innovation, and addressing industry challenges, the program contributes to the elevation of media standards and the promotion of informed, ethical journalism across Africa.

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